Sunday 23 July 2023

Sunday 23rd July - what happened to Saturday?

 I don't know what was wrong yesterday. I was OK when got up, did an hour's cross stitch, and then an overwhelming tiredness came over me like a personal cloud or fog. I had no interest anything, only wanted to eat sweet food. I couldn't finish my lunch and left all me peas, and then enjoyed a panna cotta, and just had a honey sandwich and a handful of nuts for supper. 

I had to use the oxygen machine all afternoon and evening.

What was all that about?

I have to say I was very apprehensive about what today would bring. But it was as though yesterday was just a dream. Hopefully just a 'blip'.

I have taken it easy; surfing the Internet, looking up stuff, two zooms, no cross stitching, but I've also helped with lunch and made an orzo salad for my tea;

Cook orzo pasta as directed on the packet (I used vegetable stock). Add suitable veg (green beans, peas, sweet corn, carrots cut up, broad beans, fresh or frozen) to pan at appropriate moments while it is simmering. 

Meanwhile chop up salad stuff and, in my case, some sliced peppered beef.

Run the cooked orzo and veg under the cold tap to cool, and drain well. 

Mix everything together with some kind of dressing (mayonnaise and lime juice today) and serve.

I saved some of the orzo and veg mix for soup or another salad.

Himself had his slices of beef in a sandwich, with tomatoes other side. He prefers a simpler supper.

The sun came out in the afternoon. I watched our neighbours slowly walking along the pavement with their very young son, aged 2 and a bit, on his tricycle between them. Was he pedalling or being pushed along? 

I remember doing the same with our own children all those years ago... we would set off with the children pedalling along merrily. The success of the return journey depended upon oh-so-carefully judging the distance of the excursion so that we all made it back without upset... those were the days...

Look how my cardoons have been enjoying this mix of sunshine and showers!


  1. I hope that the rest of the week is better for you. Impressive cardoons!

    1. Thank you. Yesterday was a lot better, so I am more hopeful !

  2. Oh, how frightening that you felt this way. Is it better now? Maybe it was your blood sugar acting up or a drop in your blood pressure. Sometimes we just don't know, right? Thank you for sharing your real-life experience, and I wish you a beautiful Tuesday filled with grateful and golden moments.

    1. Thank you! I have lung fibrosis and an autoimmune condition so I'm used to being a bit up and down. I'm hoping carry on for as long as possible without needing daytime oxygen but it does help when I'm feeling 'under the weather '.