Sunday 9 July 2023

Sunday 9th July - step counts?

 Yesterday was a 'low energy' day and it looked as though I was barely going to reach 500 steps in the whole day.

I think it was mainly due to the weather; stuffy, humid and oppressive all day. At one point, around lunchtime, there was a massive clap of thunder, like an explosion,  which actually made the house shake. I had hopes tgat there would be a proper storm which would clear the air, but the rain, although heavy, stopped abruptly after just a few minutes and it became just as unbearable as before. 

I was SO breathless (like the weather!) that I spent a good deal of the afternoon and evening slumped on the settee and using the oxygen concentrator. 

So, how come did I suddenly get to over 1000 steps bedtime? Aha! I was knitting some more of the patchwork square blanket (much less demanding than wrangling double pointed needles for sock knitting) 

and the ball of yarn lost its structure and shape, threatening to become a cat's cradle of a tangle. I sorted it out and rewound it into a ball, and my wrist action was enough to add 500 steps. I'm enjoying the effect of knitting the squares with multicoloured yarn. The wooden knitting bowl has a groove in the side for the yarn to feed out through it while the ball is free to bibble and bobble around without escaping.

I did manage to doodle a drawing yesterday, and add a few more doodles while looking to see which seeds I could sow in July

If I do sow some more vegetables it will more in hope than expectation. This year has really been disappointing due to the long cold spring. Today I harvested the first tub of broad beans - all 10 of them - beans, that is, not pods! I threw them in with the ravioli for our supper, so they cooked together for a couple of minutes, and dressed them all with butter, chilli oil, juice of half a lemon, a couple of finely chopped spring onions (bought!) and chopped basil and parsley. Delicious!

Today my step count is less than 600, but I feel much, much less breathless. I reckon I'll gave enough 'umph' to spend time walking on the spot this evening to reach a more respectable figure.


  1. I must be more diligent about noting how many days the crops take to reach maturity. Still debating about planting beetroot.

    1. Yes, I'm not sure... my mother had a delicious way of serving beetroot as a hot veg; grated onion softened in butter, and then grated cooked beetroot added plus seasoning. Very messy to prepare in the days before food processors.