Tuesday 18 July 2023

Tuesday 18th July

Yesterday I hoovered the kitchen, dining room and sitting room in the morning, and then was DONE for the day. Today I hoovered the bedroom; a tougher job because it is carpeted with a patchwork of rugs. And once again, I was ALL DONE. 

I'll leave it a few days before I finish the job; the bathroom, landing, stairs and hall, all wooden floors so easier.

I think I'm not back to where I was before the chest infection in terms of how much I can do in a day!

I thought painting would be a nice restful activity, but only got as far as making a rough sketch using a fineline pen. I didn't have enough energy to wrangle the paints and brushes.

I'm hoping it will become a rustic stone wall in a field. I can see it in my mind... but can I make it happen?

More cross-stitch. I'm trying to aim for about an hour a day. The border is complete, and the first motif. Yesterday I ran out of time/concentration/eye focus with 10 crosses left (I got the crosses done!) Today I ran out of thread with a similar number of stitches to go... 'quit before you start making mistakes', I told myself, and took a wander round the garden.

Yesterday we watched a Van der Valk episode. I had to stop knitting when the action became too exciting as I found I was knitting faster and faster to try and keep up. We've been watching series 1 and 2 again, and it's very disconcerting to find how much we had forgotten. Then suddenly we'd remember a moment, before returning to the' did we actually watch this bit before state of mild confusion. 

I must investigate and see if Montalbano is still available because we might be ready to watch those episodes again too.

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