Wednesday 26 July 2023

Wednesday 26th July - in and out of the garden

In the garden;

Dodging the short showers that punctuated the sunshine at various times Himself almost completely filled the garden waste bin with the rest of the rock rose shrubs. They had got completely out of hand and were reaching out with their twiggy fingers and sticky leaves to catch passers-by on the pavement.  I've been thinking about which low-growing, grrowering, interesting, evergreen, hardy shrubs would make suitable replacements. (I don’t ask for much!).

Later he completely filled the rest of the space with grass after mowing the front and back garden.

Just as well; James, who has been doing tree-surgeon and major heavy-duty work on the laurel hedge gor us over the years is coming tomorrow to give us a quote for the hedge, and check if anything needs doing on the big oak. He did all the work digging out and replanting the 'sunny' border and replacing the fence about 5 years ago. I'm hoping he's not too disappointed by our slapdash gardening ways.

Out of the garden; (or, in the house!)

Not much... I played the piano for the first tine in ages. Once I started teaching full time I found I was less inclined to play in the evenings. After all the constant noise and music I wanted peace and quiet. 

Now I'm having difficulty wearing varifocals and reading the music. I am reminded of that snooker player, Denis someone? who used to wear his glasses upside down when he played.

I've got very bored with my breakfast muesli, so used it to make flapjack. Very moreish!

I had three sessions of cross stitching today. As each session seemed to be 50% unstinting and re-stitching progress was slow, but I shall move to the penultimate phase tomorrow. This month is slipping away like water in the hand.


  1. After a few unpicking sessions I am just about ready to post my stitching. I have to keep telling myself this is a challenge as well a a collaboration - part of the enjoyment is stretching ourselves to try new ideas and techniques.

    1. I am enjoying all the research and planning and collaboration! when the stitching is going well it's wonderful but sometimes it useful and much needed practice in patience and perseverance; "no cross-stitching, no glory'??!?