Sunday 20 August 2023

Sunday 20th August - Lionesses, and Learning more about the moon

 Lionesses, football, National Football Fever...

I guess a lot of church-goers were conflicted this morning; go to church or watch the footie? I could have had the best of both world; put the football on TV while joining with the church live stream on the laptop. It was an easy choice for me - I'm not that interested in any kind of football, so I joined the church (and also did cross stitch). I did wonder about the propriety of the whole church congregation decamping to the local pub to watch the match, and following it with either a 'service of celebration' or a 'litany of lament'...

I was thinking about how I go about learning new things. About this moon going round the earth going round the sun. It is just too much to take in all at once, so yesterday I focused on just a few facts.

Now I am comfortable with the idea that the moon rises in the east or thereabouts and sets in the west or thereabouts.

And with the way the times of moonrise and moonset shift by about 50 minutes later each day. 

So, surely, there must be a period when the moonrise and its subsequent journey across the horizon must be during our day time... ah, that explains about the a new moon, I think, when the moon is on the other side of the Earth all night, and too close to the sun to be seen during the day. Aha! Today's new fact!    

What will I learn tomorrow?

Getting the hang of the moon's peregrinations is a similar process for me as learning to play a new piano piece. It is a pretty big task to learn the notes, fingering, rhythm, expression and articulation all in one go, so it has to be broken down into steps, making sure notes are known, which finger goes where, and when, and how, bit by bit, revising and remembering each element until they all combine into a complete understanding.

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