Tuesday 22 August 2023

Tuesday 22nd August - You'll be so pleased when it is done

This has been my motivation for much of what I have done today. 'Getting things done' is a mysterious and arcane skill that it can take many decades to learn - at least for me.

So I have hoovered downstairs, and yes, I am pleased that the task is completed.

I have paid an invoice straight away, rather than thinking 'I'll get round to that sometime'.

I did an hour's cross stitching in the earlier part of the morning, and I have to say it's turning out as I had hoped - so far. Ang does trial pieces before committing to anything that is a bit uncertain; I ponder for a while (sometimes days!) and then just GO for it. I have finished all the counting business, so can just play about with different combinations of colours and thread and see what happens.

An hour is about what I can manage before my eyes go funny. I'm sure I ought to visit an opticians at some stage. The main obstacle to enjoying the piano at the moment is being able to see the music clearly; my current vari-focals are hopeless as I need to look out of the bottom third for both the keys and the music, so my head nods up and down like the Churchill Insurance nodding dog;


Trawling through the internet, I discovered that he has been replaced as part of a campaign by animal welfare organisations to stop breeders from breeding dogs with ever more extreme faces, causing all kinds of health problems for the dogs. A good thing too; this demand for 'designer' dogs and cats bred for their 'cute' appearance regardless of their welfare needs to be checked.

Now, what is it I ought to have been doing instead of hunting down information on nodding dogs... I've forgotten. I'll remember later when I find I didn't do what I intended to do...   


  1. That's my problem too. I read something then fall down the rabbit hole as I seek out further arcane information. And forget why I turned to the internet in the first place. I've got my August stitching charted out now. Hoping to find time tomorrow do the stitching...but sneezing and snuffling with a summer cold, which had left me rather tired. Grateful for two quiet, if busy, days at home. And the joy of clean fresh bed linen 🛌

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  3. Oh, clean bed linen! I read somewhere that someone said that if they were rich they would have someone make the bed up with fresh clean sheets every day! Hope you recover swiftly from your cold.

  4. Oh, these rabbit holes! The problem comes when you cant remember where you were when you started. If you know what I mean?

  5. I know exactly what you mean!