Wednesday 9 August 2023

Wednesday 9th August - You've got to love British weather

 because it gives us endless variety and topics for conversation.

Yesterday I was regretting not wearing my thermal vest. Today I am boiled in a long sleeved T-shirt which I thought would be a good compromise between vests and fleece (Autumn/Winter) and cotton trousers and short sleeves (Summer?)

I seem to have two or three sets of part-worn clothes hanging off the handles on my chest-of-drawers. They've all been worn so I don't like putting them back in cupboards or drawers, but not enough to go in the washing machine.

There are some thin Summer trousers, thick jeans (I'm wearing them and they are too hot today) and leggings. A thin fleece top, a thick fleece jacket... it's all a bit untidy, like the weather forecasts.

Who knows what tomorrow will be like? It's a real 'wait and see' sort of month. 


  1. I'm trying hard to stick to shorts - hopefully for another month but it's certainly been an up and down time

  2. I was in dresses and shorts... But then got my jeans out. The weather is so unpredictable.