Sunday 15 October 2023

Sunday October 15th


The trouble with the past is that sooner or later it comes back to haunt us.

What caused the conflict in Gaza and Israel?. 

The roots are buried in history, centuries ago. Injustices will always resurface sooner or later, usually more violent than before,  fuelled by anger, rage, hatred, revenge which can overwhelm any feelings for the people embroiled in the consequences. The essential humanity of people becomes lost; the casualties are real men and women, the aggressors are real sons, and, no doubt daughters. All were babies once.

What can I do from my cocooned life here? I  can pray. But how shall I pray? I have no words.

A friend let me know how helpful Canon Angela Tilby, Rev Dr Sam Wells, and Vishvapani were on BBC Radio 4's  'Thought for today' last week I'm glad I went and found them to listen to, and you can hear them if you search on BBC sounds. 

Ang also has an interesting post on her blog today. 

Kyrie eleison - Lord, have mercy