Wednesday 15 November 2023

Wednesday 15th November - Christmas cactus and cake (4)

My cactus is flowering. Having ignored it all year, it has responded with a will, and every branch has a bud. Last time it did this, the buds all shrivelled up and dropped before any of the actually bloomed

It seems happy enough on the windowsill at the bottom of the stairs, so there it will stay.

I made what I hoped would be The Final 1Christmas Cake, following the notes and additions I made after the prototype.

As you can see, it's a slow cooker cake. Unfortunately I was distracted by something or other, so it's had a couple of extra hours!

I'll try it tomorrow when it has finished cooling. At least there's time to make a third attempt!


  1. My cactus is bursting forth, happily sitting on the kitchen window ledge. It just goes on and on!

  2. This one of mine is white, well, palest pink. I've always had deeper pink ones before.