Thursday 29 February 2024

Friday 29th February

 The leap year has leaped!

The past few weeks have been so wet and cold that I had almost forgotten the lovely sunny days here and there through the month...

18th February 

8th February 

They were still cold, but even so... bright blue skies...

Today should have been the last 'pebble on the wall' day, but I've decided to carry on until the end of term. Another 29 pebbles! After that I will stop.

I've done an acre of cross-stitch and finished my prototype book cover;

This is it opened out. I could carry on adding more and more, but I  would rather apply the lessons I have learned to an improved version. 

This evening is pretty full-on with teaching, television (Richard Osman House of Games and Great British Menu)  and then church group, so I thought I'd write the post early tonight. We are meant to be talking about the Andrew Dotchin course for Lent, based on the Winnie-the-Pooh books, but who knows what we shall end up discussing and discovering. Every meeting seems to turn into an 'Expotition'.... 

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