Thursday 22 February 2024

Thursday 22nd February

 We've just had supper

Egg fried rice. This is turning into quite a favourite.  I chop the vegetables while Himself looks after the frying pan. There are red peppers, carrots, spring onions all gently sizzled in a little sunflower oil, and then pre-cooked plain rice, soy sauce (not too much, Dr Michael Moseley,  we were paying attention to your advice!) and a little chilli sauce. Finally a couple of beaten eggs stirred through as they were setting. Delicious. I should have added a handful of frozen peas for the colour. Another time.

I've added more to the bookcover. I need to think of something to decorate the two plain patches of felt and most of the other patches are still stuck full of pins.

Progress is happening on the cross stitching front. I did another 90 minutes this afternoon,  about all I can do in one go. Maybe (maybe not!) it will catch the very last post on 29yh February if nothing happens to derail me....


  1. Goodness, your evening meal was so close to the one we just finished at my house - although we had cut up beef for protein, and oriental noodles as starch. Veggies the same although I also chopped up a bit of celery.

    1. It's such a quick and convenient meal to use up whatever is to hand!