Saturday 23 March 2024

Saturday 23rd March

 Three days of inactivity has done its work... this afternoon was the first time for nearly a week that I could maintain oxygen levels of around 92% without using oxygen support. Phew! 

Now that it is later in the evening and I'm getting tired, I'm back on the machine. But I'm feeling very encouraged for tomorrow. 

I took this picture of the current pair of socks. I'm just at the point when it's time to decrease for the toe.

On the lower sock there's a blue locking marker at the point when I started decreasing last time, useful for comparing lengths so that the socks turn out with similar measurements, if not identical. You can see the waste yarn marking where the heels will be, at about 6.5 inches from the top of the cuff. 

I like doing socks 'cuff-down' because then I can graft the end of the toe and heel with kitchener stitch, which is nowhere near as complicated as everyone thinks.

After I took the photograph I counted the stitches. There should have been 30 on each needle... but one needle had 31 (easily dealt with by a surreptious K2tog at some point) and the other had 36 ! Ah, no, there's nothing surreptitious to be done about that.

When I looked back I found something weird and horrible had happened at the beginning of the solid pink area. So I have ripped it back, picked up the stitches with many deep sighs along the way... 31 stitches on each needle. I'll do an extra heel decrease here and there along the way; after all, who will ever know except me? (And thee, now, I suppose...)



  1. I love the colour wool you 've chosen, sorry about your need for oxygen, take care.

    1. The wool came from Lidl! A friend telephoned me to say they were selling sock yarn ridiculously cheaply so I asked her to get me some, and she came back with this. It's lovely, isn't it.