Sunday 3 March 2024

Sunday 3rd March

 What a beautiful day today was. Blue skies and bright sun all day.

We went for what was meant to be a promenade along the seafront with my father after lunch, but it turned into a little drive along the seafront instead. 

He'd suggested a particular spot for a walk, but when we got there we discovered there was no way of getting onto a proper path short of pushing the wheelchair across a longish distance of shingle - impossible!

So after sitting there for a short while in the sun we loaded everyone and everything back into the car for a drive instead.

I saw a bank of primroses, quite close to home! I shall try and get a photograph.

And here I go again, with another book cover. I'm using an old Christmas napkin (made very simply by just hemming round a fat quarter) as the base. I just cut off the bottom hem and the top, leaving a decent allowance for turning in. I've kept the side hems.

I'm very pleased to have found the fabric clips which I knew I'd put in a 'safe place' last year. So here is the cover clipped around the book

Then what. I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about decorating the cover. Last time I sewed the sleeves, and added all the pieces while the cover was on the book. This time I had several different ideas to think about. So I stopped to wait before carrying on.

'Waiting' has been a theme for Lent this year. The Archbishop's book choice is 'Tarry Awhile' by Selina Stone. It has come up several times in my daily Bible readings, and during daily.y life in Lent. I'm not good at waiting. 'Posess yourself in patience', someone - my Oma? or a teacher? used to tell me.

When we got back from the drive, I put together what isn't really going to be a spaghetti sauce, very nearly overflowing my crockpot (I'll go and check on it again soon). Not enough tomato and the tomato puree was wildly out of date . I'm sure it will take fine anyway!

And then I took another step along the book cover journey. I have outlined the edge of the front, back and spine with tacking stitches, so I can work on the cover separately. 

But what am I going to do next? You will have to wait with me while I continue to ponder.

This is a season for waiting.


  1. Shingle and wheelchairs arent ideal! There are primroses on the banks of many of our larger roads here, so pretty.

    1. I used to look for fields of primroses when we drove to Cornwall for Easter... memories, memories.....

  2. soul, that was it! I knew I hadn't quite remembered it rightly!