Thursday 18 April 2024

Thursday 18th April - My Oxygenated Life



When the chair gets to the top, just before the landing, it stops, leaving the foot rest over the top stair. Then the chair swivels through 90° to face the wall, so that is no danger of wasting the journey by tumbling back down the stairs when you get off!

I've just used it 'for real', to nip to the loo (in slow motion...). Travelling by stairlift is slow, but still faster than I can manage on foot, and I went up and came back down with the portable oxygen concentrator on a lower setting than I would have used and not breathless at all.

I am so happy!


  1. That's quite a flight of stairs for anyone! I think you will find that the lift makes such a difference. I have two friends with stair lifts. One rides her dog up the stairs and the other puts the washing on to go up to the bedrooms!