Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday 29th December - Have-a-go day

Yesterday we went out in the horrible, cold, wet, dank, dreary, rainy afternoon, and drove through the dusk to an art shop. I was on a quest for Derwent Artbars, which I thought might be a way back into art for my mother, and also because I wanted to trry them as a way into art for myself.
As well as the artbars, I wanted to look at another Derwent product called "inktense"; bars (like crayons) and pencils, with water soluble inks.
The quest was successful; and I came home with an irresistibly reduced box of inktense pencils and a tin of artbars (for another post). 

Test the colours

Draw the outlines in permanent marker

Colour in the ground

And wash over

Colour in the sky

And another wash
And be very pleased with myself. I think I'll go back over the hedge line once the sky is drier and make it less sparse.
It's the kind of view that I have watched unfolding night after night as we slogged over to the hospital. Most of the journey is through trading estates, but one or two stretches have views of field and sky.
At the moment my mother has a bed by the window. The ground floor of the hospital is a kind of semi-basement, but the silhouettes of the trees against the sky that she can see from her bed is important for her.  

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