Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday 10th February - ENOUGH

There comes an END to MENDING.

He has just chucked out the clipspot that might possibly be worth keeping if the fault is with the light assembly rather than with the AC/DC converter

And it would only take a little while with a multi-meter to see where the fault lay

and if the AC/DC converter turned out to be fine it might just be worth saving it for if the same component on the other similar light we have develops a fault


there comes a point when the answer to every thing is


and when that point is reached, it is better to shout it at a minor thing than explode at a MAJOR thing.

(And by the way, the next time you - and you know who I mean - plays "daleks" with the standard light YOU ARE IN FOR IT. TOTALLY. ABSOLUTELY. It will be scales and Czerny for you for the rest of term - gottit?)

((I only posted this because I wanted to use the phrase "end to mending". But I DO mean it about NOT playing "daleks" with MY lamp while waiting for your piano lesson. Go and get your own lamp and break it at your house!))

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