Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday 10th February - why I lurve my phone

I might send it a valentine, I love it sooo much...

It's a Samsung Galaxy Note II with a little stylus thingy that slots into a space like the toothpick on a Swiss Army knife, and a HUGE big screen which makes it properly worthwhile to look at photographs.

I can draw pictures on it with the stylus, and upload them here, there, and everywhere...
I can waste hours on twitter, facebook, reading the BBC news, playing Angry Birds, and scrolling through my RSS reader...
I can even upload my lesson planning, amend and enter the lesson reviews as I go along (it's not just for play, you know).
I can email people (work and pleasure), take photographs, check addresses for sending letters.
I use the maps all the time, especially to try and avoid the disastrous roadworks clogging up the centre of a town that I go three four times a week.
Oh, and it is a phone - did I mention that?
But the bestest thing is the noise it makes when I refresh twitter: a sort of slurp followed by "pop".
So I sit there refreshing and refreshing twitter just to hear that lovely "pop".

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