Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday 2nd March - and another thing...
It's been "all systems go" for so long...

and I'm just entering the busiest phase of the school term...

and there's so much to sort out...

and everywhere's so untidy...

and grubby...

I've deleted the next 50 lines of this post. It was just too, too depressing. A great long list in about 5 categories of things to be done. This and that and the other. Let's try again...


Bought a packet of darning needles, so that I have been able to
Sew up a seam in my Father's jersey (outstanding since Christmas)
Put away the sewing things after sewing up the seam in my Father's jersey
Answer a couple of emails
Remember to go to the Women's World Day of Prayer Service yesterday evening
Remember to turn up to accompany a couple of music exams this morning
Remember to follow up an offer of help I made regarding a friend's washing machine
Remember to go to a friend's supper party this evening
File one of the many stacks/categories of paperwork that have been pending all year


Not telling.

I've just cheered myself up -

why would I want to upset myself all over again!


  1. You're right - Done Lists are much more cheering than To Do Lists. Thanks for the reminder! How's the chocolate resolution going? I'm sure you deserve a reward for the Dones (and the handbag sorting!)