Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday 2nd March - 2.3 kilos

That's what I managed to reduce the weight to.

That's ungrammatical.

That's to what I managed to reduce the weight.

Still doesn't read right.

Anyway - I am talking about my life-support-system, or in other words, my hand bag.

Let's see; gloves, fluorescent green nylon fold-up shopping bag, two (!) packets of tissues, driving licence, 2 ID cards, samba whistle, mp3 player, headphones in small tin, connector lead to connect mp3 player to USB socket, pocket-sized loudspeaker, usb memory stick, diary for petrol receipts, pencil, pen (where's the biro gone? hope I haven't lost it). Very small moleskine notebook for work, very small moleskine notebook for everything else, envelope of Special Brown Luggage Labels for Procedure for Returning Instruments (nothing else is accepted by The Office), couple of packets of pills to be taken before and after meals, and small bottle of water to get them down with (with which to get them down?),  my keys, parent's keys, pink post-it with telephone number for ?? can't remember ??, old receipts, hair slide, makeup bag which actually contains hand cream, lip salve, plasters, aspirin, 2 small nail clippers and 1 large nail clipper, large wallet stuffed full of stamps, loyalty cards and other cards but sadly lacking in money, old repeat prescription forms, old hospital appointment cards. That's about the lot. No, forgot to add my varifocals with tinted lenses.

Oh, mobile phone and small torch. And a photograph of somewhere in Cornwall. And half-a-dozen postcards as I write cards every week to a number of people.

After careful consideration, I managed to discard what I no longer required and re-filled all the pockets of my healthy back organiser bag.


So, I chucked the receipts and the dead tissues and sundry scraps of paper, put the hair slide and 2 sets of nail clippers away, stowed the diary in the car where it belongs, added the photograph to the chaos on the dining room table. I've also removed the tinted lensed varifocals - I've only worn them once since I got them last Summer - it's been that kind of a year.

The pile on the left is what I managed to reduce the contents by (is by what I manage to reduce the contents. I don't think I've got the hang of English grammar properly. It's a tough old language to round get your head.).

And I've got the life-support-system down to a mere 2.3 kg.   (hollow laugh)

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