Tuesday 9 April 2013

Tuesday 9th April - Crafty Work - Finishing Off bits and pieces

Over the years I have started many, many craft projects. I have also finished many craft projects. I have knitted jumpers and scarves, made curtains, patchwork quilts, cushion covers, sewn skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, dressing gowns.

I have got five of my various fabric wall hangings up in various places around the house, and at the moment we are using two of the quilts on the bed (the warm one on my side, the lighter weight one on his side) - so I'm not completely hopeless at finishing things.

However there are a lot of things that are still "works in progress", and these came to light when we were doing "extreme bedroom tidying" a couple of weeks ago.

I have been staying in for the past few days because of having a chest infection - not enough to make me feel properly ill, but I am taking no chances. So, an ideal opportunity to finish some things off, or at least make some more progress.

Here's the cushion that I started back in about 2007 (or was is 2006). It uses a yarn called "Crofty" which has cleverly been dyed in such a way that when knitted up it looks a bit like fair-isle. I was a little worried about sewing it up as that is usually my weak point, but I managed it!


The patchwork cushion next to it is one of several that I made when I was in my "crazy patchwork" phase some years ago.

Now, these next two pictures are of patchwork blocks for a quilt I started back in - 2001 maybe? I am bodging it together using a method called "quilt as you go". Each square made with its own backing and wadding, and then somehow, once they are all done, I have to work out how to join them together. There is no rhyme or reason for the choices of fabric, colours, design, or anything!

The owls are left over from a quilt I made for a friend's daughter as an 18th birthday present, and also for taking with her to university. Her quilt incorporated leftovers from her bedroom curtains as well as lots of owls. The blue block below (trying saying that without losing your teeth) uses bits and pieces of the same fabrics as the quilt on his side of the bed. 

I finished these blocks a couple of days ago - just three more to go and I will have made them all.


I have knitted some more blocks for "the Knitting Project" which I started last Summer

The one with the heart motif will probably have to go. I knitted it while watching a Dr Who episode, and had to pull it out about three times. In spite of all the corrections, it's still too full of errors - too many even for me. I might keep it, though; I like the blocks to have memories attached to them.

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