Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday 10th April - Ninja Cats

I had forgotten about this cat video.

Even if you are not a cat-fanatic, it's still worth watching!

and another - although some of the clips are the same. The very first one remains one of my favourites.

Our cats are called McCavity and Leo (we thought they were male - we were wrong)

McCavity is the downstairs cat, although she has discovered the hot water pipes which ru under the bath mat, which can cause a contretemps at the top of the stairs. She is also known as "the blob or "the fluffy cat".

Leo is the upstairs cat. She is also known as "fraidy-cat".

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  1. Help! After watching that second clip I'm thankful all our cats so far have been on the elderly side. You've inspired me to put up some current favourites of my own!