Thursday 16 May 2013

Thursday 16th May - Flip at Your Own Risk

Aha! Look what I can do! No,

Flip at your own risk




Can’t stop watching.

Good grief, redux. 
Also, got to love that banner in the final frames.

No, no, no, not the gymnastic stuff. It's that I've managed to copy and paste this from a tumblr that I enjoy following, and discovered that I can have moving GIFS (which will probably send blog viewers demented!)

I copied this at random, just to see if it could be done. It's pretty spectacular stuff, but it's the poster at the end that makes it for me... and is a perfect illustration of a typically mad term-time week.

There tend to be weeks that feel exactly like performing some complicated and dangerous tumbling routine, where one false step, one slight misjudgement of time, can bring the whole schedule crashing down. The feeling is rather like watching the last piano student wrestling with B minor scale, in 6ths, staccato; it requires a finely balanced combination of intense concentration and free-flowing transcendental meditation to bring it off without major mishap.

So, when I am in one of these weeks, just don't disturb my equilibrium, or I cannot be answerable for the consequences. Just one more day of this week to go; and today's dodgy moment was as simple as half the class leaving the lesson early to take part in another activity, and also delaying  the return of  the drums to the cupboard for the sake of the children sitting SATS tests in the room next door, concatenated with the rescheduling of a class from 10:30 (after morning break) to 12:45 (after lunch and immediately before another class starting at 1:30 which resulted in having the percussion instruments locked in one place, and the key to them locked in another place, and not enough time to do anything other than dither... Oh, that's more than one moment. That explains a lot.

We survived. I survived. Kind husband produced supper from store cupboard and freezer. I've stuck the chicken that we should have had, but didn't get round to cooking in time, in the oven to cook before it goes off - we can eat it tomorrow.

Now I need to get some Serious Sleeping done to recover, and be ready for whatever will happen on Friday. It should be straightforward;  coffee with parents, coffee with a friend, star work at a school after lunch (recorders, samba, recorders, recorders, and more recorders), home to teach piano from 4pm until 6pm, and then cold chicken for supper. Well, that's the plan anyway!

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