Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wednesday 15th May - A Very Good Day

8:00 Set off for a school for the first music lesson of the day. Time to chat with co-teacher before

8:45 teaching  ukuleles. Lively lesson. Taught song "O you can't put your muck in our dustbin" to the general approval of 40 children aged 7 and 8 years old.

9:30 lesson over, time for a cup of tea and to review the lesson with co-teacher.

10:00 off to local hospital for routine blood test. Arrive at
10:25 - nice clear run. Found a parking space! Amazing! Had enough money for just 1 hour. Hope that's going to be enough time, cross fingers and find 20 in queue for blood tests. Oh dear. Get a letter written, and a couple of music lesson reviews written up (rather a backlog to catch up on). Queue moves along rapidly, an I'm done in plenty of time.
11:15 Drop in on rehab ward where my mother was; am recognised, the nurses are very kind and ask after both parents and also my cooker!
11:25 Head back to home town, park by post office sorting office to post blood sample (it's for a drug trial I am in) and letter. Find I have half-an-hour in hand, so lurk and update another couple of lesson reviews - a finished!)

12:00 Arrive at parents' flat, ready for an outing - my usual Wednesday schools have cancelled because of SATS testing so I have the rest of the day off. We have planned an outing, but the taxi has been held up - we are told it will be an hour late. No matter - we still have plenty of time, and chat and exchange news.

13:00 We begin the process of getting from the 3rd to the Ground floor. I will gloss over the intricacies of wedging one person, the wheelchair and my mother into the miniscule lift and extricating them at the ground floor. Suffice it to say that it's no easy task.

13:30 Taxi arrives, helpful driver can get the wheelchair out of the flat without all the ramps that we usually use, and takes us to local garden centre. Very pleasant lunch in wheelchair friendly surroundings, and time to buy petunias, clematis, birthday cards and a fish slice before heading home.

15:50 Back in the flat. Helpful taxi driver wheels wheelchair up over step and into lobby of the flats, and we once again wedge wheelchair and wheelchair driver into lift, and extract them at the top.

16:00 I'm home, ready for piano teaching. The students are a lovely bunch of people, and the lessons go smoothly, apart from when I am distracted by the cat dashing about on the grass, pouncing on imaginary monsters and killing falling apple blossom petals before rushing up to the top of the tree and disappearing into the leaves. "Er, could you just play that phrase again, please?" as I gather my scattered wits.  
yeah. That's the Mad Cat that was running around as if the hounds of hell were after her

18:30 Finished teaching. Supper. Television. Blogging. Thinking over the day. Even the sudden appearance of a HUMUNGOUS spider from under the fridge can't spoil a good day. Although I wish we HAD caught it and thrown it into the garden, but when the shutter made its electronic clicking noise it bolted back under the fridge again. I may not be quite so happy to see it next time it comes out. It's no use hoping that the cats will deal with it. They'll just leap for safety on top of the cupboards. Wimps.

19:00 While pasta is cooking, unpack delivery of amazing laundry drying thingamajig from Lakeland plastics. I just LURVE mail order boxes of things waiting for me in the garage.

And in three-quarters of an hour it will be
22:00 Bedtime. Hot chocolate. Good books to read. And then to sleep, which knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.   

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