Thursday, 27 June 2013

Friday June 28th - or it will be when tomorrow arrives

This will be a busy day - I will be in London having another load of modern miraculous medications loaded into my system to see off the bad guys in my body.

I have a great wodge of paperwork to take with me full of questions to ask, and fitness certificates to complete, and letter-headed authorisations to request; flying to foreign parts when one is having oxygen - even only at night - is proving quite a complex affair to arrange.

Meanwhile -

Here's the GOOD NEWS - my mother is slowly regaining control over her left leg - the knee and foot are beginning to bend and straighten under her control. She has had one trial run around the flat in an electric wheelchair - if the second visit proves successful, the powers-that-be will provide an electric wheelchair for her to gain some freedom of movement. It all depends on whether she can control the machine, and to manoeuvre it about safely. At the moment the problem seems to be that she doesn't always manage to judge the left hand side of doorways and other obstacles, as her brain is still not reliably aware of the left side of her body, including visually

My father and mother, and a friend, have successfully made a bus journey into town, coping with getting on and off, and positioning the wheelchair in the bus. They went shopping, visited a café, and returned home all without mishap.

My mother is also sleeping much better at night time, although still prey to the most weird and painful sensations in her arms and legs. We are hoping that this might mean that the connections from her brain to her body are slowly reinstating themselves.

Talking about sleep, time I was. Asleep, that is. I only came down to plug in my mp3 player and Kindle ready for the train journey and the hanging around that the London trip entails.

Goodnight (or Good morning, or Good afternoon, or evening, depending on when you are reading this!)

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