Monday 24 June 2013

Last Sunday 17th June - The Lively Lady

It's not been all busy, busy, busy, in the sense of all work, work, work - although playtime does consume the hours just as much as worktime.

 Anyway, this was Father's Day weekend, and the Son and his Father went off on Saturday for a day out in London. I wasn't there, so you will have to go to boggyb's blog to see if he has posted any pictures. I do know that it RAINED copiously and wetly for much of the day, but they had a good time together in spite of it.

We all went together to return the Son to his lair, via a Happy Families Meal All Together at Port Solent.

And who should we see but The Lively Lady!

Hands up if you remember Sir Alec Rose (a greengrocer from Portsmouth) sailing around the world back in 1966-7

They are fund raising for a restoration and return to use project called aroundandaround; you can read about it, and The Lively Lady, here.

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