Saturday 6 July 2013

Thursday 4th July - Getting ready for Winter Sports

In my work as a peripatetic music teacher, I have had some pretty testing experiences as I drive around the county from one school to another.
I've been cross-country ski-ing in my car. I was the one in the lead, creating the tracks through virgin snow along the route of the old A3 in West Sussex.

I've been skating in my car:
fortunately I had the road to myself. Unfortunately it was up a little hill. Fortunately I had very, very good tyres. Unfortunately there was a line of parked cars. Fortunately I made it to the top without hitting any.

Then I went home and recovered.

I've been swimming with my car. Several times. I've been luckier than whoever this poor motorist was - my car never actually drowned but my word, it was scary, scary, scary.

Now I can inform you that there will never be any seriously bad winter weather in West Sussex ever again. That's because I have just been given a folding snow shovel and a pair of snow socks for my front tyres.

Product Details 

In July. Now that's what I call thinking ahead.

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