Friday 2 August 2013

Friday 2nd August - Utterly Fed up with To-Doing

Doing doing doing (rhyme it with  boing boing boing and then it sounds FUN!)

So, the week of working is at an end - nearly at an end - ending?

Another five items gone today - one was a real biggy, sorting out the horrible heap of stuff beside the piano - badly stowed music teaching books - badly stowed spare folders and paper - badly stowed baskets of random assorted clutter.

In the end there were 37 items, and three were abandoned as not possible (I've lost the postcard I was saving to send to a friend, I couldn't work out how to arrange the braid and decorative buttons that I planned to sew onto a plain white T-shirt, I texted another friend instead of writing).

Four more haven't been done. One I have delegated, one will HAVE to be done before tomorrow lunchtime, as we are having friends over and it involves clearing the dining room table, and the others will go over to next week.
This is an old picture. It's not as bad as this. I reckon an hour should see it done.
We shall probably cheat by dumping a lot of stuff upstairs in the bedroom.

I have also made two cakes - not on the list - but needed for tomorrow's lunch. Pudding will be strawberry sponge (made with strawberry yoghurt) or chocolate sponge (made with plain yoghurt and brown sugar) served with Green and Blacks vanilla ice cream.

I planned to have a picture of the cakes here, even though I seem to have included my feet in the shot, but it is taking too long to upload and I've got bored waiting. Besides, I need to cook the carrots and potatoes for supper now. 

Oh well, if you are asking, we will start with gazpacho, (if my little hand blender can cope), followed by very slow roast lamb cooked with wine and garlic and vegetables, accompanied by new potatoes, and there will be cheese and biscuits.

I have impressed myself  this week, even at the cost of boring you.

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