Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday 8th September - Canada Part 1

We've been on holiday!

Staying with friends in Canada! Again! 

If I were to blog about EVERYTHING that we saw and did, then there would be a zillion blog posts. So here are just some highlights. This post is all about Niagara.

The top of the Canadian Horseshoe falls at Niagara. You can stand really, really close to the edge.

and then the water just plunges over
The Canadian Falls from further downstream. You can just see the rainbow.

The American Falls are a little downstream from the Canadian Falls 

Then all that water goes thrashing through a narrow gorge

In a wild bedlam smashing thunder of chaos

Until it meets a sudden check, and turns right, causing a giant whirlpool.

If you are brave, or mad, or crazy, you can take a ride over the whirlpool in an antique open cable car. We didn't.
O wow! It is a totally all-encompassing experience. The noise, the sights, the - the - the -

no words really. 

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