Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday 7th September - Wrong Wedding

Well, we've messed up our diaries on many an occasion in the past.

I was told months ago that my friend's son's wedding was today, and I duly put the date and the venue in my diary.

Many weeks ago the general email invitation to the congregation went out, saying we were all welcome. I saw that I had the right date and left it at that.

My friend apologised for not inviting us to the reception - I hadn't expected an invite as I know that there are many, many cousins and aunts and uncles and in-laws and great-aunts and great0uncles and nieces and nephews. I knew that the guest list was already a Hot Topic, without adding further fuel to the flames  by dumping family members for friends!

The day arrived. We rolled up at the church, in good time for the start, and were a little disconcerted to find that firstly they were already well into the first hymn - but we have a tradition of providing interest for waiting congregations by having music before the service in our church. So we sidled up a side aisle, and slid into the empty pew behind the early birds.
It was all very odd. Then we noticed that
The church was half empty. We expected it to be completely packed.

The people that were there were all Very Smartly Dressed. Apart from The Families, I expected everyone else to be just smartish, clean and tidy.

As we sidled into some empty seats halfway down the left hand side, it became clear that we didn't  recognise anyone there.

The clincher was that the names on the inside of the order of the service were of complete strangers.

So we sidled out again and went in search of the real wedding.

Which, as we discovered after checking back through hundreds of emails, had taken place at that same church but two hours previously.

MORAL - Don't leave checking dates and times until some time in the future - do it properly when you are given them!

Is it too late to blame it on jet-lag - we got back from Canada (more about that later) nearly a week ago?

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