Thursday 24 October 2013

Thursday 24th October - Cat - astrophe

I was greeted by two extremely vocal cats when I came home this afternoon. I was rather pleased to see them, as neither had come inside this morning for their breakfast. They came rushing up to me as I got out of the car - most unusual for them to greet me in this way.

"Miaouw-riaow-miaow-wiaouw-iaouw" they said, over and over (they use quite a limited vocabulary, either because they think I am thick, or because they are thick. Probably both, as they are too thick to know that they are thick.)

Just like the infants at school when all of them have something important - the same bit of news - to tell me and they all want to tell me at the same time, so that I can't understand a word.

I opened the front door, and they both hurtled

down the drive round to the back door, and then took turns peering in through the transparent cat flap but not coming in.

So, I opened the back door and let them in.

Turns out there has been a system fail with the electronics for the cat flap (our cats have to wear special tags on their collars which magically - or electronically - whateverally - make the cat flap open for them, and bolt it behind them. This is to thwart an unwelcome visitor cat that used to come in and frighten ours.

I'm grateful that the flap failed in such a way that it would let them go out, but not let them in. Not so pleasant for the cats, but much better for me. And it hasn't rained today.

New batteries and sophisticated pressing of buttons to reset everything. and possibly reprogramming the cats - I mean the collars, of course, - and everything will be back to normal. Soon.

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  1. I sometimes wish we could program GP cat. We don't have the electronic tags but it's still taken ages for him to pluck up the courage to use the catflap with the plastic door down. He managed for the first time today. Crack open the champagne!