Wednesday 23 October 2013

Tuesday 23rd October - First Hot Chocolate of the Week

Well, this is turning out to be a self-indulgent start to the week!

It was a fairly frantic morning - appointment at 9, and then a cross-country dash eastwards through rough weather to the garage, as I needed to get bit of the car re-attached before it came completely adrift. I managed to get half-an-hour's tippy-tappy-typing work done on my laptop while I waited, and I got the car back quicker than might have been expected.

As I wended my way westwards at a reasonably brisk pace, I pondered on what to do next. Should I go home, and then set off again for the afternoon schools? Or just continue. In the end I decided to call in at a Garden Centre/Tea Room/Gift Shop that I haven't been to for over a year. It used to be a favourite sanctuary between schools but years pass and timetables change...

So, another half-hour of tippy-tappy-typing, and a little letter-writing, while the rain hammered down on the glass roof above, and then back into the rough Autumnal wind and rain to truck on to my next couple of schools.

I had just five minutes to prowl round the little gift shop (and buy.... oh, but I mustn't say what, sorry!). They were partway through setting up their Christmas displays - so pretty - all white and pale and glittery.

Have I said it before? Eight weeks is a ridiculously long time for half a term. They are usually six or seven weeks long, and this extra week has made a huge difference. All the teachers I meet are looking "past it". And the children are tired too - half term holiday next week is not a day too soon.

I have been so grateful for these unexpected oases of time this week!

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