Monday 4 November 2013

Monday 4th November - Afternoon Off

Bet you thought I'd forgotten another day in this blog-posting challenge lark already - well, I've brought the laptop upstairs, and I'm rattling away at the keyboard in bed.


Having worked fairly hard all morning at this, that and the other, I was nearly late for my first school of the day - djembes at 2pm. (Sounds like "daggers at dawn" - maybe not quite as aggressive and dangerous as that.)

I tore myself away from watching a moody western film on day-time TV - Hombres - and zipped across to the next village, along the lanes, swished through the remains of the flooding across the road, past the pub, the shop and the church, and swung a right into NO NO NO NO NO - the gate into the staff car park was shut!

So I stopped where I was, and went over to open the gate. That's funny - the car park was empty! The blinds were all closed in the classroom windows! Not a soul to be seen, not a sound to be heard...

AHA - Simple, Dr Watson. It must be an INSET DAY - first Monday after half term. Would have been nice to know in advance.

A few minutes later my colleague, another music teacher, turned up - we share the teaching of this class. So, after a quick conversation, we decided to go back to my house for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, and for him to eat his lunch, before he zoomed off to the next town for wind band and big band and whatever, and I started piano teaching. We spent a pleasant hour, setting the world of music teaching to rights and sharing the gossip.

Very good cake, too; fruit cake, made with a whole teacup of cup of whisky.

That's made an unexpectedly relaxing start to the week.  

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