Friday 20 December 2013

Friday 20th December - Christmas approaching at speed of light

We are NOT READY for Christmas! Please slow down!

We bought the tree last Sunday, and managed to get it, sopping, dripping wet, into the house on Wednesday- a surprise clear morning because the dentist cancelled our appointments.

It dried out pretty quickly and looks magnificent.

Notice anything missing? Lights, perhaps? We've got the lights, and extension cables all to hand.

We didn't get them, or the tinsel, or the baubles, or the lametta, or the star, onto the tree, because we set off at first light this morning to buy the Christmas Dinner:
and by the time we got home, we were DONE. I went to bed for an afternoon nap to recover!
We've had our supper, and it is time to light the Advent Candle, which has got a bit behind. And investigate how many windows are waiting to be opened in the chocolate calendar. Mine goes back to the 12th, but he's been catching up and has reached the 18th.

and then make a cup of tea for me, and maybe pour a whisky for him, and think about The Real Meaning of Christmas for a little while. What a Good Idea. 

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