Sunday 6 July 2014

Friday 4th July - The Old Shed

Did you know we had a shed?

I think the "past tense" is very appropriate in that last sentence.

It's been there ever since we moved in, back in 1984. It used to have a workbench and a bicycle and various gardening bits and pieces stored inside.That was back in the days when it still had a roof and a door which could be opened and closed. Sadly, the paint wasn't strong enough to keep the door intact when the supporting Russian Vine got the chop.

last summer

The shed is on the right. Can't you see it? No, we couldn't see it either.
We aren't sure what's in the shed any more, but I think it is a mixture of rust, obnoxious garden chemicals, and rotten wood. The next task is to shovel the detritus into a sack and take it to the tip. The roof needs a more specialist disposal procedure as it is asbestos sheeting - relatively stable at the moment, as long as we don't start chopping it up.

It's another significant step along the long road to reclaiming the garden and replacing the garage with a Real Shed. There will be NO MORE Russian Vine. That is, if we do manage to get rid of it.

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