Sunday 13 July 2014

Sunday 13th July - seen and heard


As we were parking in one of the multi-storey carparks in town, a man parked opposite was fiddling around with the bonnet of his car. He reached inside, and fished out a small bedraggled kitten, a sort of grubby cream/grey colour. It looked vaguely oriental, and about three months old. It had traveled 20 miles in the engine - that's a few lives used up very early on in its life. I reckon it was reasonably OK as it was beginning to wriggle quite energetically. The people who had accidentally hi-jacked it took it to a local vet. I'm hoping this story will have a happy ending.


We went for lunch in pret, and sat next to a family with two young children. "If this sunny weather keeps up, we might go to the beach tomorrow" said Dad. "Yes please" enthused 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old-son. "Oh you can't come, you have to go to school." said Dad. Sometimes family life is not all child-centred. Still, no tantrums ensued, so school can't be such a bad place.

Heard and Seen:

Swallows were scooting up and down the shopping streets at roof level, twisting and banking to zip round the corners from West Street into the Carfax, doing acrobatic landings among the chimneys and turrets of the shops. We heard them all chittering away first, and then could see them here, there, everywhere. No-one else appeared to be watching them do their "Red Arrows" stuff.
Picture of a swallow

picture of a swift

Actually, now I come to look at some picture, they were probably swifts.

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