Sunday 8 March 2015

Saturday 7th March - ?Jet-lagged?

How can you feel jet lagged when you haven't been near a plane?

Yesterday was a strange day - I felt as though I was floating along, and the ground rocking gently under my feet. I didn't feel unwell, or anything like that. In the end, I narrowed it down to that feeling when you step on dry land after several days on a small boat, or after a long-haul flight and change of time-zones.

It was the first day when I could walk around outside without wearing a warm coat (and scarf as well).

We went to Petworth for lunch (very good savoury quiche and salad, and excellent coffee, at The Cocoa Lounge), browsed in the Delicatessen but didn't buy any more cheese. Good to know that they stock "Old Amsterdam" gouda. We bought birthday presents and cards.

We were trapped by The Petworth Bookshop - a truly eclectic independent shop full of books that I want to buy, and unusual oddments, equally desirable. Bought more birthday presents.


Home, via Staples where I was hoping to buy something in particular for someone in particular, but they have had a refit and that range has been discontinued. However, they have sent all their discontinued stock to the Staples in the next town, and lo, behold, it is all half-price AND "buy one, get one free", including the tote bag that I really, really wanted for work, but had refused to buy on the grounds that at £40 it was far too expensive. I bought two. At half-price for one and free for the other. And the something in particular for the someone in particular.

So we floated gently through the day together, ignoring everything that needed to be done, and doing just what we wanted to do, coming home with all kinds of books and goodies.

I'm glad to say the floaty feeling had worn off by the next day.

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