Sunday 8 March 2015

Sunday 8th March - I said I'd let you know how we got on.


  • Haircut            NOT YET!
  • 5 letters outstanding (3 from Christmas)    One done, 4 to go.
  • Invitation to reply to for Sunday   DONE
  • 2 telephone calls to reply to  I've forgotten what one of them was. The other is still to do.
  • Work admin and emails   DONE
  • Clean bathroom and loo   DONE
  • Women's World Day of Prayer on Friday   I didn't go. I was asleep on the settee at home.
  • Start taking the bags (about 8) to the charity shop  We are still adding to them almost daily.                                                                      Perhaps we should open our own charity shop.
and Lesson planning:
  • Monday (recorders, piano, samba, djembe, theory)    DONE
  • Tuesday (recorders, theory, ukulele, 2 more piano lessons)   DONE
  • Wednesday (keyboard, samba, recorders, ukulele, 2 more piano lessons)   DONE
  • Thursday (Music Club, ukulele, 3 class music lessons, theory, exam rehearsal)   DONE
  • Friday (Music Club, exam rehearsals, recorders, ukuleles, 3 more piano lessons)   DONE

  • Housework       Hoovering complete, and other background tasks along the way.
  • Washing basket is over-flowing  THREE (4?) LOADS THROUGH. Basket nearly empty 
  • Fridge is empty    FRIDGE IS RE-FILLED. Then we ate most of it. So it is empty again.
  • Weeds are growing      Still Growing
  • Grass is growing          Still Growing
  • 3 IKEA cabinets to make up and install in parents' flat   Still Growing
  • Planning renovation of our bedroom    DONE
  • Following up Double Glazing installation dates     Still on the list
  • Take stuff to the tip    DONE
  • Loads of other stuff that I don't know about     If I don't know about it, I can't comment

Thirteen tasks completed from a total of twenty-three. And that doesn't include half-a-dozen items from his list that I didn't even know about. That's better than 50% - so I'm pretty pleased. 

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