Friday 29 May 2015

Friday 29th May - Ants at work

We've been away for a few days. I'll post about that soon. Probably.

The beautiful new patio was finished a couple of days before we went; they carefully brushed sand into all the little cracks between the bricks and then sprayed it with a sealant.

We've put some of the patio pots back, and the Balinese statues and a few other bits and pieces. There's still a lot of tidying to do, and a great sandy-weedy-scruffy patch which used to be patio and is about to become lawn or flower bed (less likely) or garden feature (very unlikely). 

I'm so looking forward to some warmer weather (which is not happening today, more's the pity) when I can sit out in the sun and chill, no, I think I mean relax, with a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, the ants have been busy excavating the sand, grain by grain, and piling it up above their nests. That was NOT in the plan.

But not entirely unexpected. 

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