Thursday 7 May 2015

Thursday 6th May 2015 - check and chuck

116 Things to Throw Away

Down to just 44 items to check and chuck. Getting there!           7th May 2015

Just had a look through the "116 things to Throw away" page.  It was a bit of a cheat, marking up another load of items as "gone" as I didn't actually go and find them and get rid of them today.

Some categories, like electronics and cables and software are nothing to do with me anyway (we have strict demarcation areas in parts of our generally cooperative life together).

The "cheat" was slight, because last weekend (or was it the weekend before - the weeks are flying past) we took about ten bags to the charity shop, and there are about another four or five already waiting to go.

Every box or bag that leaves our house cheers me up. Once we have dealt with the house itself, we can maybe summon up the courage to deal with The Attic...

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