Sunday 3 May 2015

Sunday 3rd May 2015 - Sour Dough Loaf F A I L*

Nothing to report on the sour dough experiment.

Just move along, please.

Well, what happened was this;

The starter did its stuff, and I added the rest of the ingredients (more flour, more yeast, more water, some salt).

 promised to let you know how I got on.

The instructions said to do all this mixing and kneading and rising stuff, so I tipped it all into the bread machine ad set it to "DOUGH"

That worked.

Then the instructions said to do more kneading, and shaping and proving and baking.

So I did the kneading and shaping and put it into the oven on the automatic "BREAD" function.

Less "hand-made", maybe - more like "machine-made with interventions"

HOWEVER; the oven claimed that it was still a bit warm - perhaps hot, even? - from cooking supper, and declined to follow the programme for "BREAD".

So after the hour for "BREAD" was up, BREAD was not what was in the oven. Sort of dough, pretty much as I had left it but quite a bit bigger. I minded a lot less than I might have done, because although it had over-flowed the sides of the baking sheet it hadn't got as far as welding itself to the glass or dripping all over the oven.

It was a fairly straightforward manouevre to fer-flopf it all into the bin without letting it fer-flopf itself all over the floor. So that bit worked fine.

No pictures, after all you should know what a bin looks like by now.

*F A I L stands for First Attempt In Learning.
If you learn by your mistakes, then OBVIOUSLY mistakes are a necessary part of learning, no?

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