Friday 30 October 2015

30th October 2016 - 2 days to go

The November "Write a Novel in a Month" challenge and "Blog Promotion Month" challenges are looming - if I was really cunning and well organised, I would have 30 blog posts all lined up and scheduled ready to go.

Now there's a thought...

It's a fairly lunatic idea to have a go at this challenge with everything else that is happening this month, but I'll give it a go.

Talking of lunar things, there's a really nice lunar calendar at

I see that the month will start with a "waning gibbous moon" which will become a "waking gibbous moon" by the 21st. New moon will be on 11th of November, and full moon on 25th November. I'm now off to look up what "gibbous" means.

Oh, and in case you wondering, "The Novel" isn't ready to be written yet. Although I am steadily gathering more and material as a result of weird and wonderful experiences, conversations, events, overheard conversations, bizarre sights. And it's a wonderful excuse to go places and buy stuff "for research".

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