Saturday 31 October 2015

31st October - Unexpected Sight

Shopping in town this afternoon, we heard a sudden clatter of horse-hooves on the cobbles.

Three horse-drawn vehicles came round the corner and parked up in the sunshine...

The horses seem quite unperturbed by all the blood apparently dripping down their faces and legs.

These were a pair of the glossiest, blackest horses I have ever seen.

A young witch came and chatted with me in a surprisingly confident and friendly manner; her father was one of the drivers. It took me a while to work out that she was one of the hundreds of people I had been teaching last year. They change so much once they leave and go to secondary school.

We hadn't made any Halloween effort, as usual. However we came home from visiting my parents with the masks that they had worn to yesterday's Halloween Fancy Dress party, and all the prizes they had won in their raffle.  The masks work rather well together...

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