Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday 4th December - Advent Calendar 4

My 50th birthday was quite a few years ago - I'm getting into training for my 60th which will be coming all too soon.

Advent calendars feed my "Inner Child". I spend so much time acting as though I am grown-up, but most of the time I'm not really sure if I am old enough to be who I am supposed to be.

(If you can make sense of that sentence, then either
you Are a grown up, or
you are Not a grown -up.)

(I'm not sure if that previous aside makes any more sense than the sentence it refers to.)

Now here's a question - why use a duck swimming on a lake to illustrate this proverb???

Anyway, Advent calendars. Today's Tea Treat is this;

No, not the mug of "brown" tea (actually a blend of loose afternoon tea and "Cutty Sark" clipper tea) but the little sachet of white tea. I'm saving that for later when I will have time (maybe) to savour it with the respect it deserves. Perhaps while I investigate days 3 and 4 of my Jacquie Lawson calendar.
Quite often it takes several goes to write a blog entry. My first attempt tends to come out as a blow-by-blow record of (or whinge about) the events of the day. Then I delete it as being too boring and self-indulgent and write something else. Which might be more interesting? Or not? Have you read all the way through this verbiage from fascination or inertia?

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