Thursday 10 December 2015

Thursday 10th December 2015 - Advent 10

Here you go -  a little game of "Spot the Difference"

I'd got a bit behind with this Advent Calendar:

but I've caught up now.

The window in the bottom right-hand corner (was number 9) was stuck down as thought I had never opened it before. Odd, as this calendar has been used several times now.
And I could share my beautiful cup of English Breakfast Tea from my other calendar with you, but I discovered I'd finished it.

It was another teaching day today, after visiting my mother in the morning. I only stayed for a short while, then drove to my afternoon school. The staff room was empty, as I had arrived just before lunch. Someone had foolishly left the lid off the cake tin, and I consumed one-and-a-half pieces of "Rocky Road" before I stopped myself. Bad idea. Inferior chocolate. But makes me think that I might like a version made with superior chocolate, marshmallows, biscuit pieces and No Nasty Raisins, which to my mind, should be confined to Cake.

Cake. Now there's a thought. I might go and make some...

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