Wednesday 9 December 2015

Wednesday 9th December - Advent 9

"It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...."

Not so much this morning; a frantic rehearsal of Samba Batucada before a class assembly on Friday didn't feel Christmassy at all. We did achieve a pretty good "Mardi Gras" carnival sound at the end, and I suppose my ears were ringing (but not in a seasonal fashion). as I left. The class reward for all their hard work was being allowed to sing "The Shark Song" - seasonal for Australians, I suppose.

However this afternoon was taken up with teaching the youngest children to sing "Little Donkey". Not my favourite song, but I had an enjoyable time letting the children draw wonky donkeys plodding along a dusty road while we sang. Did this help them learn the words? Dunno. But it was a pleasant and non-destructive way of teaching them the words. I've too many years of remembering how dreadful it can sound when the infants really get going.
Bet you never knew that Gracie Field sang this...

I'm glad I blogged this; I've just remembered that I would look out my CD of the backing for the carol. The CD they are planning to use in their church service has also gone wonky Their donkey seems to go along at a gallop, and then suddenly slow down. Not good if it is supposed to be carrying Mary safely to Bethlehem. So I've just found a CD in my stash which might work instead.    

(TEA - Green Tea. Took it to work. Brought it home. Will take it to work again tomorrow. Not a Tea day today!)

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