Tuesday 22 December 2015

Tuesday 22nd December 2015 - Advent 22

I've just finished today's tea - "Full-on Breakfast Blend". It may be the evening rather than breakfast-time, but it has been a fairly full-on day.

First on the list was a replacement headlamp bulb, fitted at Halfords. It's quite a tradition in this household of having things break in the few days before Christmas. I know that the usual cliché is for the Christmas Tree lights to fail, but that has only happened once to us. Other years it has tended to be more dramatic. Like the fridge freezer going into melt-down on Christmas Eve. (There is no pun in that sentence, by the way). Or the cooker going off, and I mean OFF, with a bang on Christmas Day, just as we are getting the turkey out to rest, and winding the oven up to High for the roast potatoes. So a replacement headlamp bulb - that doesn't count as a Christmas Crisis at all.

What was worrying me slightly (nay, considerably) was that I still hadn't bought presents for various members of the family. By the end of today, I've only got one left to buy. I wonder what I will get for them? At the moment I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, which is more than a little bit scary. (I could turn this into a competition, with prizes, but, sadly, "answers on a postcard" will arrive too late).

Anyway, thanks to yesterday's enthusiastic shopping, I've plenty of wrapping paper to wrap the missing presents once I have bought them. Whatever they are.

One lovely surprise came this evening. For me! We came home to find a delivery card pushed through the letter box:

"behind the big woods in your garden" - no, we don't own a few acres of woodland or a small forest. But we do have a dismantled shed, leaning up against the fence, waiting to be mantled.

The "pack" turned out to be a Fresh Flower Card - carnations and Christmassy bits and pieces arranged in a little block of oasis, and a dinky little pipette for me to water them with. I'm properly happy - thank you, thank you, BestBeloved.

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