Tuesday 23 February 2016

Tuesday 23rd February - Thermal vests

Not so boring any more!

I bought two more yesterday. Having spent three hours slowly losing all my body heat while sitting teaching piano for in a small, unheated room, I zipped into town to rectify the problem.

Marks and Spencers sells the funkiest thermal vests ever. I bought a purply-blue sparkly one at the beginning of the winter (I was wearing at my mother's funeral - did you spot it? No? I'm not surprised!)

Anyway, I bought two more: red sparkly and black sparkly, determined NEVER to freeze in that little refrigerator of a music room again.

I'm wishing I bought the leopard print version now:

Heatgen™ Thermal Printed Top

I might yet go back for it.

Anyway, going back to yesterday, it wasn't until I had a hot bath in the evening that I managed to get properly warm for the first time since getting out of bed.

So, naturally, I made sure to wear one of my new vests today. Which explains why I am now far too hot, indeed, sweltering hot, in spite of having been teaching in chilly school halls and porta-cabins all day.

What shall I do tomorrow? Toss a coin. Heads I'll freeze without my thermals, tails I'll boil with them on.

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  1. Well you knew that purchase woukd bring on a warm spell (like taing an umbrella in case itvrains)