Sunday 28 February 2016

Sunday 29th February - Comforts

I came home a day or so ago to find a package awaiting my attention...

it contained a card and TWO boxes of chocolate!

I can't show you what the chocolates looked like

I can only explain that there were four in each box, shaped like maple leaves, and filled with a delicious maple fondant/cream sort of yumminess. We had one each, and another, and that was one box finished. We considered saving the other box for later that evening, but then we ate them anyway. Four each, with a cup of coffee, in the break between me getting home and starting teaching again.
The card has lasted longer than the chocolates, and is reminding me to send a thank you note.
Thinking over the ups and down of the past few months, lots of people have asked "what can we do?" and have offered all kinds of suggestions - making us a meal - meeting for a coffee.
These expressions of sympathy and cards and offers have been greatly appreciated (we have a home-made fish pie n the freezer as I write!).
Here are some of the other treats and physical expressions of sympathy that have lightened the darkness:
Lovely bunches of spring flowers, which I had on the kitchen windowsill. There was also a pot of snowdrops.  (These are from the garden - the pot on the windowsill was a lovely sight too but is just leaves now). I find flowers to be a considerable comfort and joy. Without the calories. 
Cake! With a serious amount of jam in the middle!
And, of course, the huggy bear.
Looking for these pictures has meant scrolling through the picasa albums for this year and last year.
- ah, that was when - oh, I'd forgotten that - oh, my word, I remember how -
Pass me the bear for a minute...  that's better.

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