Sunday 15 May 2016

Sunday 15th May 2016 - Biscuits

These are really very good. The recipe (and a batch of biscuits) was from a friend as a Christmas Present back in 2005.

It's in old money.

Melt together
3oz marg (I use butter)
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 table spoon milk

In another bowl, mix
3oz flour
1/2 teas bicarb (I cheat and just use self raising flour)
3oz poridge oats
3 oz sugar (soft brown is good)

Pour the melted ingredients into the dry ones, and mix together, forming a soft, squishy, slightly greasy dough.

Line two baking sheets with baking paper
Pinch off walnut-sized pieces of dough, roll into balls, flatten so that they are about 2 inches across, and place on baking sheets about 3 inches apart - they will spread. You should get around two dozen biscuits.

Bake at about 170C for around 20-25 minutes. They are very soft when you take them out of the oven, so let them cool for a minute or so before sliding them onto a cooling rack. The first lot, baked in the top oven, were paler, thinner, spread further and were slightly soft. I put less sugar in the second lot, because I was using up some flavoured oats which were already sweetened. I cooked them in the fan oven, and they were smaller and crunchy.

The picture is of the second batch - the first ones didn't last long enough to be photographed. And they've gone now. Time to make some more.

Sharp-eyed readers may notice that the beaker with my tea is the one that the sweet peas were growing in. I had my doubts as to its future usefulness after the sweet peas were finished with it, as it doesn't have a handle. However it works surprisingly well as a tea mug. If the beaker is cool enough to hold, then the tea is at drinking temperature. Time for another beakka.

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