Sunday 15 May 2016

Sunday 15th May - In and Out of the Garden

Not much of the "in" this weekend. Although it has been sunny, there has been a bitingly cold wind. Not even the lure of a Spitfire flying over the Bluebell Railway this afternoon could persuade us out of doors.

Last week, or maybe the week before - I am loosing track of time - we did great gardenings. I found the "grow your own" sweet pea gift set a few weeks ago and planted them, and to my amazement, they grew! I was delighted by them; the brave little seedlings pushing their way up into the light, reaching out. Every time I went into the kitchen I checked to see how they were getting on.

2nd May

4th May


Yes, come to think of it, it was earlier this week that I planted them out. So far the
slugs haven't found them. Standing the pots on bricks seems to delay the slug attack.

And as these two planters are not on bricks, that's probably why half a petunia has been consumed. Just as soon as I post this, I shall go and find some bricks. It may be too late - I suspect the slugs lay some kind of secret trail once they have found their favourite food. Perhaps if I put them somewhere else in the garden I can hide them from the slugs.

Herbs are happening; chives about to flower, parsley looking hopeful, and one mint leaf in view.
The two tomato plants I got from church are outside now, and steadily working their way up the canes.

Back inside, the cyclamen that I bought back in November last year has decided to flower again! It has several buds under the leaves.

I so enjoyed watching the sweet peas growing, that I planted some mixed salad leaves just a few days ago. They have already started creeping through the earth. Amazing. Will I be able to bring myself to cut and eat the leaves once they are big enough?

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